Sale Time

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Unsolicited Advice for New Moms

Nobody asked me my opinion, but seeing as it’s my blog, I thought I’d compile a list of little hints that I’ve learned during my first month as a new mom. Some you’ve probably heard before, but hopefully some will be new information that you can take on your journey into parenthood.

Buy a nursing bra that doesn’t make you feel like a fourth grader- there’s going to be a lot of things that happen during motherhood that don’t exactly make you feel attractive: getting pooed on, spit on, not showering as much as tour used to, etc. But you don’t need to add to it by buying yourself a nursing bra that looks like something an elementary school student wears during gym class. They may look more practical than the pretty ones, but they function the same way.  Treat yourself.

Don’t wait to do basic human necessities- if you find yourself with a sleeping baby and you are in the middle of a chore, and you say to yourself “oh I’m hungry/need to pee/etc,” don’t wait to finish your chore. Just do it. Because it is virtually guaranteed that your baby will start crying two minutes later and you could possibly go hungry by the time you have a chance to eat again. Guaranteed.

Watch those fingers– My daughter thinks getting dressed in the morning is comparable to having an iron maiden used on her, so I try to do it as quickly as possible. But I’ve noticed that if you yank a sleeve on too fast you can catch a tiny baby finger. Not so good. Luckily I haven’t done  it, but I definitely see it would be easy to do. So be quick but careful.

More to come… probably once a week. Mommas, feel free to add in the comments.

My These-Things-Are-Awesome Awards

So most of the time, shows I love don’t get nominated for anything and it makes me mad (minus this year with Viola Davis…well done! ). So I decided to highlight the people/shows that I deem worthy, cuz well ya know it’s my blog and I can do what I want. So drum   roll please…                                          Mads Mikkelsen– I never thought I could enjoy a portrayal of Hannibal Lector as much as I did that of Anthony Hopkins, but I was happily proved wrong. Though sadly the show is over, Mads you did him proud and I’ll remember it fondly.           Kurt Sutter- Are you f-ing kidding that the writer of one of the most popular shows of all time (Sons of Anarchy) has never got an emmy nod? I guess that just happened by magic then?       Melissa McBride- Here’s another magic one. The Walking Dead’s popularity must have nothing to do with the cast? Must just be the zombies? Please… McBride’s Carol has been amazing always but the Lizzy episode ( if you watch the show you know what I’m talking about) was above and beyond. If it didn’t deserve an emmy I don’t know what does.                                             What about  you? Feel free to add your own awards to the comments below.

Review: Bloodline by Tara Ellis- 4 Stars

This book was a suspenseful take on alien takeover (actually it’s referred to as “evil” but as a reader I assumed the evil came from another planet given that it was released by a meteor shower. I could be wrong but that’s what I thought) with an Egyptian twist.

After almost everyone in Alex’s town changes into a non-feeling shell of a human being after a meteor shower, she must decipher her dad’s cryptic beyond-the-grave messages before the whole planet becomes infected. With the help of her friend Chris, her brother Jacob, and their dog Baxter, it’s a race against the clock to save everyone she loves.

Though there were a few spots that I thought could have used a little less backstory, the plot was super interesting and kept my attention till the very end, which is hard to do. I also enjoyed that unlike a lot of young adult novels, Alex had a good relationship with her mother (at least until she turned). I would like to think the vast majority of teenagers have pretty good relationships with their parents, yet most of the ones in young adult novels seem to be either dripping with hostility, the parents are idiots, or the parents are out of the picture completely. It was a nice change to see Alex and her mother on the same page. I’m excited to see where the next book takes her!

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