What the Giver Gave Me

I’m aware that I’m pretty late to the party, but I just read The Giver. Amaaazing book! Sounds crazy, but it’s been following me all my life. I remember first running into it in elementary school. That particular edition had an orange cover, and I was always curious about the old man with the long beard that stared back at me. It was only now, decades later, that I picked it up, and it moved me in a way no book ever has. It’s a weird thing to know your own religious convictions, then see them illustrated in a book written by another human being. In another post, I had written about balance: how good people suffer because without evil there can be no good, and vice versa. In The Giver, we see what happens when people are all the same. No one knows good or evil because they have no memories, no lives of variance to base those concepts on. One character commits an unspeakable act (that made me sick since I just had a baby….I won’t tell you the details just in case you haven’t read it), but doesn’t even realize it is one since he only knows the way his people live now, and what rules they have to abide by. In their world, all they have are rules: no love, no hate, no emotion of any kind. But emotions themselves are made up of reference points: what’s good, what’s bad. Take away those reference points and you have a compass spinning wildly on its own axis with catastrophic results.

Pick it up. It might change your life.