Leave Me Lost: Book 3 of The Extraction List Series

Escaping America four years ago should have ended Riley Crane’s problems…

She has a great job as head of compound security, supportive friends, and a mother who loves her. What more could she want?

But the compound is facing a looming danger, and she’s in desperate need of a solution. The last person she expects to have the answer is the guy who has been the one piece missing from her life—Cain Foley.

Cain has put a new face on his violent past, but Riley isn’t sure she can trust him…

Once dedicated to smuggling people out of America, Cain has been pursuing a new challenge—to find the children he couldn’t save and return them to their parents. Unfortunately, such endeavors take a lot of cash. But now Cain has a more urgent mission. He has to save the residents of the compound, including some who are very precious to him, and he’s devised a risky plan to accomplish this frighteningly ambitious goal.

Cain needs a partner…and that partner has to be Riley.

With a broken heart and a switchblade knife, Riley follows Cain to Italy, where they are reunited with her best friend, Olivia. As they search for their target, Riley tries to ignore Cain’s captivating blue eyes and dangerous charm, which have entranced her since she was fifteen, but neither can escape the deep attraction.

With their goal almost in sight, they discover their mission wasn’t what they thought, and much more than they expected hangs in the balance.

The question they must ask has no simple answer.

They want to save the people they love…

But are they willing to sell their souls to do it?

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