The Extraction List may not be that far off

We’d like to think that The Extraction List could never happen, but that may not necessarily be true.
Recently I was reading an article in Parents Magazine that, quite honestly, terrified me. In an age where we’ve decided everything from what we had for breakfast to a traumatic disease diagnosis is everyone else’s business, it seems there’s a new way that we can butt into other people’s lives. It was talking about the new, trendy practice of being a “parental vigilante.” Basically, instead of talking to each other like adult-type people, people are calling the police on each other if they see someone making what they would consider a parenting mistake. In the article, many a mother made a split second decision and found a police officer knocking on her door as a result. Of course, there are definitely situations where the police should be called, but as a society, do we really want to, for example, risk a child being separated from his/her mother because she left him in a car for fifteen seconds to put her cart away at the grocery store? Because yes, sending the kid into a broken foster care system is soooo much better (read thick sarcasm here) than him being in his car seat well within his parent’s sightline for a couple seconds. As I said, of course there’s a line where it’s appropriate to call the police, but how hard would it have been to just keep an eye out and let the parent be on her way? There has to be some balance. No one likes to think that there are children out there being abused, and we know that some children do need our help. But can we all agree to sprinkle a little sense into the situation and not make it worse?
What about you? Have you ever experienced a parental vigilante? Or have you been the vigilante? What made you decide to act? Would love to hear from both!

One thought on “The Extraction List may not be that far off

  1. I think it’s even worse than that. I’ve seen that vigilante behavior (remember Brittany spears getting death threats for driving around with her baby in a car seat with the top down) with babies and kids where the parents just can’t mind their business. I say it’s even worse… It’s worse becuase of how Americans have sometime and somehow along the way started to value dogs more than humans. It was normal for you to leash up the dog before you went into a store to buy a gallon of milk. Doing that will get the cops called on your for animal cruelty, in-fact it’s not abnormal to see a couple dogs sitting in the human emergecy room. We are all fucked. Americans get their news from Facebook, ethics from reality tv and marital advice from Kim and Kanye. The economy can be bad, the air poor and corrupt politicians… That won’t matter as long as you remember to give your baby sugar free snacks… Or else the cops might show up. The real Americans are going away in society and are being replaced by whistle blowing theorists, I say theorists because while “knowing everything” have never accomplished anything. If you want a perfect example of a real man going home or just flat out retiring… Look at your dad… Have a great day. 🙂

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