Question of Ethics

I asked myself a question the other day, one which I haven’t quite answered yet, and I am wondering what other people think. I was watching the cooking competition show Masterchef, and two contestants were squaring off against each other (WARNING: If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you may want to stop reading now). One had made a mistake and the result was that he did not have enough ingredients to redo the recipe to the correct ratios. The judges asked the other contestant, “If he had asked you for some extra (sugar, flour, whatever, I don’t remember the exact one), would you have given it to him?”
“Yes I would, Chef,” she responded.
Now here’s where I’m torn: on the one hand, it’s a competition. If she doesn’t win against this person, she goes home….game over. And part of competing is staying focused and not making mistakes, and if someone does, they need to be responsible for the consequences for those mistakes. So for that reason, I would initially think I would have said no.
There’s another part of me who would want to know that I beat him strictly because of my cooking. I would want to know that I didn’t just beat him because he made a mistake. Running out of ingredients doesn’t necessarily make you a bad chef…perhaps a bad competitor, but not a bad chef. So in that sense, I would want to say yes.

What about you, dear readers? What would you say and why?


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