Review of Dreamer by Amy Reece, Book 2 in the Seeker Series. 5-Stars!

amy reece

Reece has done it again. Her voice is superb and I’m very excited to see where this story goes in the next book. My one critique would be that there was one random section from Jack’s point of view instead of Ally’s that I didn’t think was needed. But that’s just my own opinion and doesn’t affect how I see the book. In this part of the story we find Ally getting mysterious dreams about a dead girl. These dreams turn out to be a new depth to her powers that she was not aware of. She also must deal with a breakup that she didn’t see coming. Nothing like dealing with the garbage that goes along with being a teenager on top of everything else. I also very much commend the author for her treatment of sex in the novel. Ally and Jack do love each other but are unwilling to compromise their values by having sex before Ally is 18. I think that is a FANTASTIC message to young readers who may think, with the way media portrays teen sex, that everyone is doing it and that it’s something people just do because it’s “the thing.” That’s not necessarily true and I think it’s great to see a series of young adult novels talk about teenagers making a different choice. There ARE other options. Well done to Ms. Reece and I can’t want to read the next one!

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