Author Interview: S. Brione Lim


Welcome to S. Brione Lim! Read on to learn more about this awesome author, and see how her favorite quote can be applied to the writing life, as well as life in general:

1) Tell us a little about your book.

a. Two Outta Three is a fun take on unrequited love and is not your typical friends-to-lovers novel. It follows best friends, Raquel (Rocky) Rossi and her best friend Jesse Tyler as they dance the awkward waltz of reconnecting after many years apart.
2) What is your favorite part about writing? Least favorite?
a. My favorite part of writing is allowing myself to get lost in a daydream. I get to create different worlds and join my characters on their crazy adventures. I love coming up with new ideas and honestly, as a control freak, I love planning the fates of my characters *insert maniacal laughter*

My least favorite part of writing has to be revisions and edits. I never know when to stop!
3) A director tells you that you have complete control over casting the movie version of your book. Who plays who?
a. That is a really great question! I’d have to say Nick Bateman would be the perfect actor for the role of Jesse and Katie Stevens would be a perfect Rocky. The secondary characters are a tossup though, but I’d love to see what my readers think!
4) If your house was burning down and you could save one thing, what would it be (don’t say photo albums, everyone says photo albums)?a. My dog, Roscoe 🙂 He’s not a “thing” to me, but he’s definitely my first priority.
5) If you could choose what one message that a reader takes away from reading your book, what would it be? a. I’d have to say “True friends are very hard to find and even harder to keep, however those that stay are in your life should be cherished.” The same goes for love as well 🙂
6) Imagine a world where everyone wears a t-shirt that says something about who they are as a human being, i.e. “Doesn’t play well with others” or “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had coffee.” What would yours say? a. Definitely “Introvert—Give me some time to warm up”
7) Who has been your biggest supporter in your writing? a. My family has been my number one supporter in this crazy life of writing. They are always the first ones to read my books and encourage me whenever I feel down.
8) What writer do you admire the most and why?
a. I admire so many writers that it’s hard to pick just one. Of course I admire my fellow Limitless Publishing brother and sisters. They are all such a talented bunch and some of the nicest and most helpful people I’ve ever met.
9) If you had only one book to read for the rest of your life what would it be? a. That’s a hard one and I honestly have no idea…if I say “kindle” would that be cheating?
10) Favorite quote about writing, life or otherwise:
a. “Patience is trusting in God’s timing.” It is definitely a quote that resonates with me and has proved true to my life.

S. Briones Lim
Book title: Two Outta Three
Amazon Link:
Facebook: and
Twitter: @sbrioneslim
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