My Top Five Books

Recently, I stumbled upon a list of the best dystopian science fiction books. I am going to have to load up my Kindle, because I feel like a bit of a bad dystopian writer having only read ONE on the list. I’ve seen a couple of the movie versions, but that doesn’t count. So in that spirit, I’ve compiled a list of MY top five books, and why I think they deserve your attention:

TOP FIVE BOOKS (in no particular ranking order)

1) Unwind by Neal Shusterman: Read the entire series for that matter. It’s a fascinating, disturbing and captivating look at how the world can try to put out one fire by creating another, a perfect example of great dystopian fiction. Plus it’s the only book to ever make me feel nauseous. If you can illicit a physical sickness from your reader, you’re doing a pretty damn good job!

2) Anything by Maya Angelou: Coming from a person who doesn’t enjoy most poetry, this woman’s work has always been the exception. She is a joy to read. Even if you don’t like poetry, give it a try.

3) The Moment Before by Suzy Vitello: Beautifully written, this book is about a teenage girl dealing with her sister’s death. I read it quite a while ago and it has stuck with me. Definitely worth picking up. And besides, she’s a really nice person, and we all want to support nice people!

4) Damned by Chuck Palahniuk: I have been a fan of Chuck’s for years, but this book in particular had me rolling. The snarky Madison is a joy to read and I couldn’t help but read parts out loud to my ever-patient husband.

5) The Lost World by Michael Crichton: This woman loves dinosaurs. Seriously. I just opened a box of stuff from second grade and discovered I had actually written a story about a girl raised by dinosaurs (it was brilliant I assure you haha). After Jurassic Park came out, I was absolutely itching to find out what happened next. This book didn’t disappoint. If you want a dinosaur fix before Jurassic World comes out (on my birthday, thank you Universal Pictures).

So there you have it! What books would YOU add? Feel free to add them in he comments below.


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