Book of the Week: The Keepers by Hally Willmott


Wow this cover! So creepy in an awesome and amazing kind of way! LOOOVE it!

Anyway on to the book itself! Sounds like a good read for sure. Here’s the blurb:

Keepers introduces a new darker story line to The Elemental Series… This book is full of magic, mystery and a story about the Keepers.
The Keepers are a race of beings who have taught us that the mind isn’t the only place within the body which houses our emotions, thoughts and memories. They’re a peculiar race of beings, which have existed within the walls of the Origin since its creation. They are known as the guardians of the Archives, a place within the Origin that houses the knowledge of every nation within Nemele.
You’ll also be introduced to Lore, a Sunamars. The Sunamars are a division of the Keepers that includes lower class of citizens within their race and are forbidden to feel, touch or express themselves. Just like Jacey, Lore is an Anomaly to the order of Keepers who was an annihilator addicted to stealing the thoughts, memories and feelings of others – the dealer of nightmares.
This is a handbook / guide for the Elemental Series by Hally Willmott. It outlines the worlds, characters, symbols and story lines of the first two books in the series. The outlines and pictures throughout are an amazing map of where the series is and where Hally is planning to take it…

Definitely makes me want to know more about the series. An excerpt:

My breath caught as an unknown feeling pressed against my chest and caused a scarily familiar stirring in my lower regions. I hadn’t allowed myself to want or feel for such a long time. However, this sensation I’d felt a number of times…but never this strong without taking what I wanted.
I was perplexed, how was I to come to grips with it? A rush of memories flowed through me, giving me ideas on how and where I should take her and what I should do to her. If I were a fundamentalist of the teachings of the Sunamars—which of course I was not—I would have an unnerving need to report this to Seoms, my group commander. That of course is what I as a ‘Keeper’ am expected to do when I experience emotions. As a species we must record, categorize, and protect the history of all without the luxury of feeling or experiencing any type of emotion or experience.
As a society we have never borne any kind of sentiment. We have been the safeguard for every being’s greatest achievement and deepest secret since the beginning of time. We are the ones bequeathed with the gift of non-worry, without cause for concern or judgment. We place the momentous occasions and the failures within our archives without a secondary glance to either. We guard them. We are the chosen…the ones who have been forsaken. To live lives others would see as passionless, worthless, mind-numbing.
They are correct in a sense. We have no ties to others. We are supposed to have no familial attachments. We are the species of beings who have been bestowed the gift of non-emotion—however, I am the divergent within my society. I am Lore.


About Hally Willmott
Crime fighter by day, author by night – Hally was born in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. She is a Police Officer in Greater Sudbury. At this time in her career she is a School Resource Officer in a number of the 21 Secondary Schools throughout Sudbury – She enjoys sharing her story with the youth of the community and loves empowering them to dream big!
Hally holds a strong belief in if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.
She met her forever partner, Jerry – a Sergeant with the Greater Sudbury Police Service 15 years ago . Together they accomplished the greatest feat anyone can – they were blessed with two incredible gifts from god, her sons Jacob and Jordan.
Hally enjoys spending long summer nights by the camp fire with her husband and boys and cold winter nights snuggled up watching movies in their home in Garson Ontario.
In 2009 Hally had an idea to write a novel. The idea for Awakenings came to her in a dream and never left.
Between work, being a wife and mother Hally finds the time to write when her kids go to bed, or when Jerry’s at work.
To date Hally has had three books published through Limitless Publishing – the series she has started to write is a young adult science fiction fantasy series. Book one Awakenings and book two Revelations have been best sellers on Her third book Keepers has just been released and she continues to write the fourth and fifth book for the series she signed a seven year contract for.
Hally has participated in several radio and newspaper interviews. She has been a keynote speaker at an event hosted by The Rotary Club and can be found throughout Sudbury speaking with youth through the public libraries, the secondary schools and the youth centers.
Hally is also trying her hand at writing a romance / crime novel – called A Thin Blue Line.

Pick up her book here: Amazon:


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