Introducing the #PicaDamnGoodBook Movement, A.K.A. why I have a tag on my toe


You’re probably wondering why I have a tag on my toe. We’ll get to that in a minute. First I want to tell you about the #PicaDamnGoodBook Movement, started by myself, S. Usher Evans, and Michelle Bryan. We have all been a part of the independent publishing phenomenon at some point. In the independent publishing community, we all want to be treated with the consideration and respect that comes with being a traditionally published author. As the general public is starting to realize, it doesn’t take a publishing contract to produce a great, memorable, and moving story. But to that token, if we want to be treated the same, we have to acknowledge the contribution that traditionally published authors have also made to literature as a whole. The whole point is this: the path you take to publishing does not matter, as long as you tell a great tale. There are terrible traditionally published books just as much as there are terrible independently published books out there, circulating in the massive story pool that we call the internet, and that hurts everyone. So why not make sure that when we run across a book that we enjoy, or even that we didn’t particulalrly like but felt it was put together well, why not spread the word in a creative way? Hence #PicaDamnGoodBook. When great stories are shared with the masses, everybody wins.

How to participate:
Easy. When you read a book that you want to share with the world, take a picture of yourself with it in a creative way. Tag the author, because everyone loves a compliment, and tag the name of the book, then add the tag #PicaDamnGoodBook. I have started with a book by an author that I have tremendous respect for, Neal Shusterman. His Unwind Series will stick with me forever, and I literally never meet a new person without telling them how amazing it is. Here’s the fun part. The tag on my toe, and the message below it is a reference to the fourth book in the series, Undivided. Want to find out what it means? I guess you’ll have to read it to find out. If even one more person picks up this book because of #PicaDamnGoodBook, we’ve done well.

So go on, happy readers and writers: #PicaDamnGoodbook.

And tell the world.


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