Book of the Week: I Am… Subject to Change Without Notice by Cheri Bauer

cheri bauer cover

Today’s book comes from Cheri Bauer. I’m not a big nonfiction reader, but this is one that I might be checking out. Here’s the blurb:

A sincere and profound book written by a newly emerging writer. A candid journey through the issues of being raised in a Religious home and society which felt foreign and detached from her. Among such discussions are the issues addressed about being a lesbian; the dichotomy in her thoughts about being expected to live up to different beliefs, values and views of people while having her own different beliefs and different views on life.The author writes about charting a voyage to break free from the guilt and confusion of the fundamentalist programming from her childhood, and delves into some often times strange waters of the self help industry.

This book looks at a variety of topics: The Law of Attraction, Paranormal phenomena, Science, Mysticism, Poetry, Philosophy, and many more curious surprises.

Have you had trouble with the Law of Attraction? Do you wonder if the teachers of the Law of Attraction are telling the truth? This book boldly discusses some of the surprisingly extraordinary results which the author encountered while experimenting with this method. Highly candid and honest, this book is a remarkable exploration into the “Create your own reality” theory. Filled with in-depth analysis of thoughts, psyche, perceptions, and programmed beliefs. It is not a flight of fantasy, although
the author’s personal experiences are highly profound – seeming to step straight out of the pages of a good fiction book. Rather than asking anyone to believe her, she encourages the readers to make their own personal discoveries; knowing how important it is for an individual to have their own experiences.

There is a mix of laughter, drama, sometimes controversial topics, heart-warming stories, and a whole lot more in this book. The title is a good indication of the oddities which may be inside for readers to engage in.

Follow her journey by purchasing the book here.

Happy Reading!


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