Why I Love Being Indie- Blog Hop

I am so excited to be a part of the #IndieBooksBeSeen Blog Hop, started by the lovely Christina Rozelle, author of The Treemakers. For this blogging adventure, we are sharing why we love being Indie authors. Sure, there are trials and tribulations (read Christina’s hilarious and amazing post about some of them here), but there are struggles on whatever path you take to publish your book. So why not look at the positives?

1) WE ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR OWN DESTINY: If I fail at something, I feel better thinking it was due to a mistake I made on my own, not because my editor/publisher/third party team didn’t do enough for my book. I’ve heard several stories about major publishers giving up on your book after six months, then it dies a slow death in the bargain bin never to be heard from again. I like the idea that I’m in charge of my own work. The successes and the failures are mine and mine alone.

2) NO ONE KNOWS YOUR BOOK OR CARES ABOUT IT MORE THAN YOU: Major publishers have thousands of books to worry about. You have one (or several for that matter, but definitely less than thousands). You are the best promoter of your work because your passion is what keeps you going. It’s your word-baby, not theirs. Plus, even if you had a publisher, at least from my research you would be mostly responsible for your own marketing anyway. So why not keep more of the control?

3) IT TAKES LESS TIME TO GET YOUR BOOK ON THE SHELF, AND IT GOES THERE EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT IT: I’ve heard it takes three years for traditionally published books to get on the shelves. Getting mine out took significantly less time (not counting writing time, but the time it took to put it together). Also, you don’t have someone telling you that your MC should be a girl instead of a boy, or he should have a random pet, or he should die at the end because your demographic likes dramatic character deaths. Your story remains yours.

There are many other reasons to love being Indie, but I’ll save those for another day. Happy writing!

Check out Christina’s post here: https://clrozelle.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/10-things-that-suck-and-rock-about-being-an-indie-author-part-1/


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