The Little Prequel that Could: Why you want to read the prequel before Book 2 of The Extraction List comes out-

Alright, I admit it. The Extraction List was never supposed to be a series. It was supposed to be one and done, move on to the next idea.

Then I met Riley Crane.
And Cain Foley.
And Jordyn Dailey.

I realized these people had a lot more story to tell. I wanted to know what happened to Cain that made him become a Guide.

So I let him tell me. And the prequel was born.

But in my prequel adventure, I met some more people that I just couldn’t let go. Their contribution to the overall story couldn’t possibly be over.

And because I know that not letting these characters go is what’s best for the story overall, I decided it wasn’t.

That leaves book 2. It’s going to have a lot more punch to it if you read the prequel first. No, it’s not the ideal order of things, but hey, I’d rather tell the story MY way, even if that means having to get it read in a little bit of a weird order. I stand behind these books, and am confident enough to tell you that it will be worth it. Book 2 and book 3 are bubbling over in my head, and they can’t wait to be put to paper.

Until then, happy reading!


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