Warning to all writers…

Trust me on this…I know you’ve edited, re-edited, and edited some more until your eyes start gettin’ shifty and you can’t keep them open, and you swear, after that last read-thru, you have caught all your mistakes. Listen very carefully…. YOU ARE WRONG.

I thought the same thing when I sent my book off to my editor. I thought I was hot-stuff, self-editor extraordinaire. Until I got my book back and the red mistake marks beamed out like little lighthouses on the shores of Hell. If I had believed myself, and just sent it off to get printed, I would have been in for a world of bad-reviews and dissatisfied customers. I know I will have some, but damn it it won’t be because I didn’t pay a professional to make sure it is polished as possible. Yes, it costs money. But at least in my opinion it was the best money I’ve spent toward my future as a writer so far. So unsolicited advice for the day: pay someone. Seriously. Set some money aside for as long as you have to because you are NOT able to give your book the editing it deserves after a certain point. After the thirtieth time through, you see what you think should be there, not what’s actually there.

And your customer is going to potentially give you a rash of poo-poo if they pay for something with errors all over the place. And honestly, can we blame them? Sure, editors won’t catch everything, but shouldn’t we strive to be as error-free as possible?

Just my two cents.


4 thoughts on “Warning to all writers…

  1. Very true indeed! Good post. I loved the line, “red mistake marks beamed out like little lighthouses on the shores of Hell.”

    Have a good night,


  2. So true! I am lucky to have 3 beta-readers, and I am always eternally grateful for them after I think my manuscript is finished, and they have found all the other bits I just managed to completely miss đŸ˜€ Great post!

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