Maybe there will be a day where I don’t get complete and utterly starstruck when I meet authors whose work I respect tremendously (Lidia Yuknavitch, Suzy Vitello, Monica Drake, Chelsea Cain, and of course, Chuck Palahniuk).

….but not today

Had a fantastic time last night. I always come away from an event like this inspired and hungry for telling all the stories that are twirling around in my head. And even better that I got to share it with my wonderful husband. Now he knows what I’ve been raving about since the last one.

The last question of the night for the authors was along the lines of “What advice would you give someone who wants to be a writer?” All of the advice was great, but the statement that stuck with me the most was made by the fabulous Lidia: “Never surrender.” In an industry like writing, or art in general, hearing that coming from people who have made it can give you that extra push to keep trying after that 10th rejection letter (…or 60th…or 100th…take your pick), or that week where every single other thing in your life has gotten in the way of your writing, or that (*insert cussing here) person who, after hearing you’re a writer, says “I just got published. And people say it’s HARD to get a book deal (followed by a flutter of self-satisfied giggling)” (yes, this did actually happen to me. Needless to say I was slightly cranky after that). Sometimes, the easy thing to do is to surrender. The hard thing is to turn on your computer and keep going.

So thank you to those aforementioned lovely writers who took time away from their own families, homes and lives, to come read bedtime stories to a room full of eager people like me. Thank you for all you do.


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