My Love Letter to Goodreads

Probably one of the best steps I have taken as a writer as well as a reader has been joining Goodreads. It blows me away every single day that by being a member, I get to meet writers and readers from around the world who are all willing to share their writing and reading experience with me. I’ve met self-published authors who have been incredibly generous with their time, willing to send me email after email answering my endless formatting questions. I am working with one who has been walking me through my first blog hop-type event (stay tuned: on this blog from the 24th-27th there will be a link for you to receive a FREE book!). There have been so many people who have been helpful whom I have met through this medium I can’t begin to mention them all. Us writers have to stick together, and I can only hope that I can repay them for their kindness.

As far as my reading life, I have discovered several books that I may not have ever come across otherwise, one of which will be mentioned next week during the book birthday event I will be participating in. I am exchanging reviews with another author as soon as my book is released, and I am very much looking forward to reading hers. Again, one that I might never have seen.

Happy reading!


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