In Honor of Valentine’s Day…

In honor of Valentine’s day, I thought it would be fun to ask people to post what their favorite romantic story was (be it a movie, book, song, etc). But…here’s a twist. I’m going to list the ones that my character’s in my next book would say to help my (hopefully) future readers get to know my upcoming book. So, here it goes…

Riley Crane (reluctant fugitive)- Riley’s favorite romantic story would have to be Under the Tuscan Sun. Though on the surface, it’s about a woman starting a new life in Italy, it’s really about hope. And hope is something Riley fiercely holds on to.

Claire Crane (destroyer of countries): There is no more perfect romantic movie than The Notebook, which is perfect for Claire. Claire likes life to be tied up in a perfect, loving, little bow, from beginning to end. In that film, we conveniently forget about the second suitor (who at least in my opinion seemed to be a pretty decent dude) and Noah and Ally’s relationship goes on without looking back. We don’t know if suitor number two drowned his sorrows at the bottom of a bottle and never had a healthy relationship since then. We don’t want to know. Neither does Claire.

Bo Dodson (protector above all): Ok, so on this one I”m cheating a little bit, but here goes: He would pick Pompeii. It hasn’t come out yet, but we already know the basic premise: despite the world crumbling around him, our hero risks life and limb to save the girl. If it works or not, I guess we will find out on February 21st :).

Cain Foley (gifted killer and savior of children): What’s a romance?

Jordyn Dailey (gun-wielding hooker): Jordyn would pick Original Sin. Raw sexuality with a splash of desperate love, I could see her curling up by the fire with whoever suited her in that moment and watching this movie over and over again.

So there you have it! Happy Valentine’s day all, and I wish you romantic stories of your own :).


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