Old People with Attitude

I can’t think of anything more inspiring (ok, well maybe some things) than an 80-year-old woman sporting skinny white jeans that say “apple-bottom” across the butt.

Recently my dear husband and I went to a conference in Las Vegas, and, among the delicious food and bountiful booze, I saw people with the body-confidence that most women can only dream of having.

And many of them could have been my grandmother.

From figure-hugging pants to leather and rhinestone dresses, these woman used their clothes to scream, “I’m still hot. Always have been, and always will be.” They strutted down the strip with their heads held high, and gradually, their stories formed in my head. These women blended into a spunky grandmother who spent her youth on the showgirl stage, and hasn’t gone a day since without a little bling on her wrist (or her butt for that matter). She passes that confidence onto her grandchild, as only a grandmother can.

So pay attention to the world around you, dear reader. You never know what characters could be walking right next to you.


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