Keeping the Joy

Sometimes having a goal can seem to suck all the joy out of the journey toward the goal. Case in point: I’m a writer who plans on being published some day. However, sometimes I need to take a step back, and remember why I want to get published in the first place: because I love WRITING. So when I sit down at my keyboard and find fingers hovering over the keys, wondering if the next sentence will turn off an agent, if the next word will make my dream publishing house slam the door in my face, or if the next paragraph will kill my career, I have to take a breath and remember the goal itself is not supposed to ruin the fun of obtaining the goal.

My dad has always said a person needs those “little wins” on the way to reaching a long term goal (and believe me, if any one of you have researched the publishing process, you know that it’s a long term goal). I definitely agree, but sometimes it’s hard to find those little wins along the way in industries that seem to have a lot riding on other people’s opinions. So my recommendation is to look inward. Make your win involve writing a sentence that give you goosebumps. Make your win involve getting a phone call from your mom asking for the next chapter because she can’t wait to see what happens. Because really, aren’t the little wins just as important as the big ones?

What about you? What are your little wins and how do you measure your own success?


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