The Characters Around Us: Part 2- The Rules

In Aidan’s Law, Riley is aware that the world around her is a serious fixer-upper. But on her journey out of the country, she’s introduced to corruption on a whole new level. She learns that not everyone lives by the rules that her mother had taught her growing up, and that not realizing that fact has disatrous consequences. In my new book, Cain learns that same lesson, though he is coming from a completely sheltered place. He is learning about the world for the first time, and his innocence has a profound affect on the path he chooses to take.

I’m realizing how much our own sets of standards and rules affect our own paths, and how expecting other people to live same way we do may set us up for disaster. Even from something as seemingly insignificant as going the speed limit even if the person in front of me is going five under. My rule is if the speed limit is 45, you don’t drive 40 mph. Does that make my car any less damaged if the person in front of me slams on his brakes? Was it worth “following my rules”? In theory, I should be able to go to sleep at night with the front door unlocked. Because I live by a set of rules that says it is not ok to break into someone’s home.

But you can be certain, every night, that lock is snapped shut. And the one for the garage door. And the back door…

What about you? Do you adjust your set of rules to fit in a messy world? I’m particularly curious to hear from parents. How do you find the balance between teaching your children to protect themselves without making them think that the boogyman is around every corner?


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